Gratis lees

Dié afdeling kry in die middel van elke maand iets nuuts by. Kom loer dus gereeld vir uittreksels, kortverhale, gedigte of wat ook al.

Bloemhof skryf elke maand 'n kortverhaal vir jong lesers vir Foschini se klubtydskrif. Die reëls is dat die twee helde nooit weet hoe hulle op 'n nuwe plek beland nie, dat geen avontuur nes 'n vorige mag wees nie ... en dat alles binne net 500 woorde moet gebeur! Hier is een van hulle:

A fairy-tale adventure

As you know by now, William and Thembi don't go looking for trouble – it finds them.

"I wish we could have an adventure again," Thembi said one afternoon. "Even though we can never remember how it started. I wish, I wish, I wish!"

And suddenly they weren't at William's house anymore. Just like that! They were on a hill near the edge of a forest.

"So what place is this?" Thembi wanted to know.

"Your guess is as good as mine."

"Help!" they suddenly heard someone call. A beautiful girl came running out of the trees. She glanced back towards the forest.

"What's wrong?" William asked.

"It's her! My stepmother! The evil queen!"

"The what?!" Thembi wanted to know. "Who are you?"

The girl answered: "My name is Snow White."

Now they knew where they were – in Fairyland. It was impossible, but they were used to impossible things happening!

"I feel better now I'm with you," Snow White said. "I thought someone was following me, but I guess I was wrong. Come with me to my house. It isn't far."

The house was small but very tidy and comfortable. There were flowers everywhere.

"I've been hiding here since my stepmother had me kicked out of the castle," the girl told them.

"I know," Thembi said. "She's jealous because you're prettier than she is."

"How do you know that?"

"We know a lot of things," William tried to explain. "We're from another world, you see. We know your story from books we've read. And your stepmother has a magic mirror that tells her things. It will have told her that this is where you live."

"Ha ha!" the girl laughed. "Next you'll be telling me I'll soon have seven dwarves for friends!"

The next moment there was a knock at the door. Snow White was frightened, but she opened it and there stood an ugly old lady holding out an apple.

"This is for you, beautiful girl." Then she shuffled away.

"What a beautiful apple," Snow White said.

"Don't eat it!" Thembi cried. "It's poisoned!"

"Nonsense." The girl took a bite. And choked. Her face turned blue.

But William grabbed her from behind, held her tight … and pulled! The piece of apple popped out and Snow White was well again.

"I got such a fright! But do you know what? For a second I thought I was going to sleep for a hundred years – and that a handsome prince would come and wake me with a kiss." She became sad. "Now that'll never happen. It can't, because I'm not asleep."

"Don't cry," Thembi said.

"Now I'll never meet my prince!"

William rolled his eyes. They shouldn't have interfered in the fairy-tale. It would be better to leave before they caused more trouble, so he whispered: "I wish we were back home. I wish, I wish, I wish!"

And just like that he and Thembi were back in their own world, which could be so boring sometimes but which was also nice and normal.